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These days, companies are striving to find ways to differentiate their services from those of their competitors. A2LA provides an extensive variety of accreditation services to organizations in accordance with standards published by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). A2LA accreditation programs exist for a variety of organizations, including testing and calibration laboratories, product certifiers, medical testing laboratories, reference material producers, inspection bodies and proficiency testing providers. A2LA accreditation can be the catalyst that allows your organization to stand out from the crowd. Adherence to international standards can improve your competitive advantage, yet it still allows the flexibility needed to evolve. The end result of A2LA accreditation improves your organization's ability to make more informed decisions, reduce cost and help manage risk.

As a non-profit, third-party, non-governmental accreditation body, A2LA can give an unbiased and objective evaluation of your organization's functions. By gaining an outside perspective based on internationally-recognized standards, your organization can implement improvements that will make accurate and repeatable results achievable. Fixing problems before they arise can show your organization's stakeholders how much you value quality assurance and the integrity of your output. With A2LA's affordable training courses, you can prepare for accreditation, stay up-to-date on revisions to and interpretations of the standards, and ensure that your organization is always one step ahead.

As the largest U.S.-based, multi-discipline accreditation body, A2LA offers an established infrastructure engineered over 30 years of ISO standards development and use. This breadth of experience and long-term involvement has allowed A2LA to implement programs that address an assortment of private sector, state and federal regulations.

With products entering the United States from all corners of the globe, there is a need for effective mechanisms for regulating safety and security without introducing new barriers to trade. While the government has a leading role in regulation, the sheer magnitude of testing and certification needed for domestic and imported products cannot economically be handled by government agencies alone. Reliance on the International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (ILAC) Mutual Recognition Arrangement (MRA) and the International Accreditation Forum (IAF) Multilateral Recognition Arrangement (MLA) for the peer evaluations of accreditation bodies that accredit organizations for product safety testing and certification can help fill the void and keep the cost of ensuring regulatory compliance to a minimum. Please review the ILAC and IAF brochures listed below for more information on the roles played by the ILAC MRA/IAF MLA in the United States. Also below is an A2LA article on the Benefits of Employing ILAC MRA Signatory Accreditation Bodies in Oversight and Regulatory Programs.

A2LA is committed to assisting any organization or regulator in effectively fulfilling their responsibilities. At its core, A2LA has an outstanding and technically sound network of assessors, volunteers and staff to implement our mission and goals. We are constantly evolving to meet not only the current needs of our stakeholders but also their future needs.

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Peter S. Unger, A2LA President Emeritus

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