American Association for Laboratory Accreditation


"[Our A2LA assessor] is the 'benchmark' and Gold Standard against which all other auditors should be judged. We are also ISO/TS 16949 and ISO 14001 certified and none of those assessors...are at the level of competence where [our A2LA assessor] currently resides. His assessments add SIGNIFICANT value to the appraisal process and we would gladly welcome him back anytime!" - Russ Wilson, A2LA-Accredited Laboratory

"How can anyone be so good? Ours was one of auditors we have had. He was really prepared, he read all of our procedures BEFORE he got here. He was intimately familiar with temperature and density and was thorough with our technical evaluation. Audits are not easy, but he was fair, informative and he listened to us before he drew conclusions. He allocated the schedule so we didn't review the same things twice. A2LA is fortunate to have his skill and experience on the team. Thank you." - Erika Reedy, H-B Instrument, A Division of Bel-Art Products, Collegeville, PA

"We are very excited to receive our accreditation renewal from A2LA. A2LA has historically been one of the few accreditation bodies that delivers consistently high quality audits, with their auditors exhibiting deep knowledge and experience in the testing and calibration fields. Labs that are serious about improving their quality system always pursue ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation from A2LA." - Mohamed Abdelhafiz, Dimensional Measurement, Inc., Wixom, MI

"[Our A2LA assessor] was excellent; he was thorough and put the techs at ease so they were able to demonstrate comfortably and without "nerves". He was knowledgeable and provided many insights on small items and possibilities for future expansion based on what he saw. It was beneficial not just from an accreditation perspective but for lab development. We are very happy to be working with A2LA and look forward to an ongoing, interactive and positive relationship." - Andrew Sweeny, Tektronix Canada, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

"[Our assigned Accreditation Officer] is a great asset to your organization, as she was very helpful in walking me through the process (this was my first A2LA assessment). She's very knowledgeable and helpful in all aspects. Also, [our A2LA assessor] is a very effective and experienced auditor. It was a pleasure working with someone so knowledgeable in the requirements. He did a great job in working with our team and explained any details if they were not completely clear to personnel. Well done! - Denise Besting, Element New Berlin, New Berlin, WI

"[Our assessor] was very knowledgeable about the standard. He was excellent at explaining what he needed, and the lab technicians never felt nervous around him. We could tell that he wasn't 'out to get us', but honestly wanted to help make our lab better." - Sarah Bailey, Paker Hannifin, Lexington, KY

"[Our A2LA assessor] really made the entire reaccreditation process an extremely pleasant experience. There were good discussions about the interpretation and implementation of the ISO requirements. We appreciated her open-mindedness to others' opinions. She was extremely professional, knowledgeable and had a positive attitude." - Jeanne Mahoney, Center for Tox Services, Inc., Tempe, AZ

"Nobody likes an audit, but the staff at A2LA make it as painless as possible. Their knowledge and patience is to be commended. Our Accreditation Officer never tires of my questions and always goes above and beyond to help me understand the sometimes seemingly un-understandable. I was new to A2LA this year and I am more than pleased with the guidance and response times of our AcO and of the quality of assessor that conducted our audit. It was truly a pleasure to work with everyone involved and I look forward to many more years of association." - Shannon Byers, Metals & Materials Engineers, LLC, Bessemer, AL

"The Calibration Lab at the L.S. Starrett Co., in Athol, MA, has been accredited by A2LA for over fifteen years. We look forward to these assessments and we always come away from them learning something new and improving the calibration service that we provide to our customers. Our relationship with A2LA has been a strong one and one we hope to continue for a long time." - Michael Baczewski, The L.S. Starrett Company, Athol, MA

"It has been a pleasure working with A2LA! We have had three assessments to date and our Accreditation Officer and assessors have been a huge resource to our laboratory during the application process and throughout those assessments. Obtaining ISO/IEC 17025 [accreditation] has been a great contribution to our continued diligence in providing our customers with exceptional customer service and the highest quality data. [We] are excited about the new markets we have branched into thanks to this accreditation." - Stacey Fry, Babcock Laboratories, Inc., Riverside, CA

"Our experience with A2LA has been very positive. They are knowledgeable, helpful and professional. A2LA has our highest recommendation for laboratory accreditation." - Bill LeMesurier, Eustics Co., Inc./Pyrocom Calibration Lab, Lynnwood, WA

"We really had a great experience with our A2LA audit. We are audited by four other certification agencies annually and the A2LA audit was by far the most organized and had the fastest post-audit completion time (for receipt of our certificate). The ILAC[-recognized] A2LA accreditation has also allowed us to meet the Brazilian...testing lab requirements, which has been very important to our clients." - Brian Biersach, Medical Equipment Compliance Associates, LLC, Franklin, WI

"[Ours] was a top notch auditor, and a fine ambassador for the A2LA organization. He also had a very valuable insight to the federal agencies of the U.S. and Canada. ...All of the auditors we have received have been excellent. They have been polite, helpful, knowledgeable and scrupulously fair. Each [has] impressed me in every respect." - James Sudduth, Intertek Testing Services NA

"[The A2LA assessor] knows his stuff and really leads a very professional and organized [assessment]. His use of time to capture multiple elements of the accreditation requirements while in the lab made for a very efficient and thorough assessment. He challenged technicians and brought suggestions to the table. He was here as an assessor, but acted as a partner. Great job!" - Dave Kreitlow, MTS Metrology and Calibration Laboratory, Eden Prairie, MN

"A2LA continues to provide exceptional service to this laboratory and its quality manager. When questions arise between the accreditation cycles, the staff and previous assessors have provided continuing support to improve the quality of the laboratory's operations." - A Government Quality Manager

"The insight provided by the A2LA newsletter on pending changes and policy interpretation has been extremely valuable. When I have been asked to provide information to laboratories about ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation, I have referred them to the A2LA website. You have done an excellent job in making this information available. Thanks!" - A Government Quality Manager

"I am very glad that we chose A2LA from the beginning 12 years ago. The attitude from all the staff at A2LA has been exceptional and professional. I recommend A2LA for laboratory accreditation." - Atlas Compliance & Engineering, San Jose, CA

"I appreciate how hands-on and proactive our experience with A2LA has been. It is a process to go through the findings and close them out, but it is nice knowing that we have....great resources to ask questions if we need to." - SGS North America Inc., AlaskaDivision

"Express Calibration Services was lucky enough to have the Gold standard of auditors come to our door and work with us, educate us, and be patient with us in order to achieve A2LA accreditation. He also helped us to mature and grow our lab to become better. Thank you." - Express Calibration Services, Lee's Summit, MO

"[The A2LA assessor] performed one of the best assessments in which I have participated. His manner was pleasant, but it was clear he was here to perform a service and he did that with professionalism, knowledge of his subject, and respect for our personnel and laboratory." - Fluke Electronics Corporation, Phoenix, AZ