American Association for Laboratory Accreditation

New or Recently Updated Documents

R101 - General Requirements: Accreditation of ISO/IEC 17025 Laboratories 12/11/2017
R231 - Specific Requirements: Threat Agent Testing Laboratory Accreditation Program 12/06/2017
C231 -Specific Checklist: Threat Agent Testing Laboratory Accreditation Program 12/06/2017
P119 - A2LA Policy on Remote Assessment 12/01/2017
R239 - Specific Requirements: Forensic Examination Accreditation Program - Forensic Science Agency 11/28/2017
C239 - Specific Checklist: Forensic Examination Accreditation Program - Forensic Science Agency 11/28/2017
G123 - Guidance for Accreditation of Cannabis Testing Laboratories 11/20/2017
F344 – Scope Selection List – Cannabis Testing Laboratories 11/20/2017
P103c - Annex: Policy on Estimating Measurement Uncertainty for Electromagnetic Testing Labs 11/20/2017
R303 - General Requirements: TNI Proficiency Testing and SSAS Provider Accreditation Program 11/15/2017
I106 - Available Proficiency Testing Programs 11/15/2017
F311a - FedRAMP 3PAO Consent Agreement (pdf) 11/13/2017
R311 - Transition Memorandum 1-4-17 11/13/2017
R301 - General Requirements: Accreditation of ISO/IEC 17020 Inspection Bodies 11/06/2017
R304 – General Requirements: ISO 17034 Reference Material Producer Accreditation Program 11/03/2017
G109 - Template for Specifying Accredited Services 10/10/2017
F301 - Application for Accreditation: ISO/IEC 17020 Inspection Bodies (Word) 10/09/2017
I109 - Fields of Accreditation for ISO/IEC 17025 Laboratories 10/09/2017
I110 - A2LA Accreditation Cycle Timing 10/09/2017
R301 - Transition Memorandum 10/09/2017
A316 - Guidance for Review of Proficiency Testing Reports (pdf) 09/25/2017
P118 - Technical Consensus Decisions from the Life Sciences Advisory Committee 08/28/2017
Guidance for R105 Promoting Accreditation Package 08/28/2017
G122 – Guidance on Method Modifications for Life Sciences Testing Laboratories 08/28/2017
R243 - Specific Requirements: Cannabis Testing Accreditation Program 08/26/2017
A2LA announces new customer portal and website, end of RSS feed 08/18/2017
R105 - Requirements When Making Reference to A2LA Accredited Status 08/08/2017
"A2LA Today" - June 2017 06/29/2017
P109 - Technical Consensus Decisions from the Measurement Advisory Committee (MAC) 06/20/2017
A2LA Approved as the Accreditation Body for U.S. EPA TSCA Title VI Third-Party Certifiers 06/08/2017
R312 – Specific Requirements : EPA Title VI Formaldehyde Third Party Certification Bodies 06/06/2017
C312 – Specific Checklist: EPA Title VI Formaldehyde TPCs 06/06/2017
R244 - Specific Requirements: EPA Title VI Formaldehyde Testing Laboratories 06/06/2017
C244 – Specific Checklist: EPA Title VI Testing Laboratories 06/06/2017
A2LA Accredits First Cannabis Testing Laboratory in Washington State 05/10/2017
2017 Joint ISO-ILAC-IAF ISO/IEC 17025 Communique 04/30/2017
A2LA Accredits First Organization in the NFPA Field Evaluation Body Accreditation Program 04/27/2017
R207 – Transition Memorandum 04/20/2017
C319 - Specific Checklist: Special Inspection Agencies New York City Requirements (Word) 04/19/2017
R207 - Specific Requirements: Environmental Lead Testing Laboratory Accreditation Program 04/12/2017
A2LA Recognized to Accredit Special Inspection Agencies in the City of Philadelphia 04/12/2017
C335 - Specific Checklist - Special Inspection Agencies of Philadelphia Requirements 04/07/2017
R310c - Annex - City of Philadelphia Special Inspection Agencies 04/07/2017
"A2LA Today" - March 2017 03/23/2017
A2LA Recognized by FCC to Accredit Test Firms in Non-MRA Countries 03/23/2017
A2LA Grants First ISO 17034:2016 Accreditation in United States 03/21/2017
R311 - Specific Requirements: Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) 03/13/2017
A2LA is proud to announce that its Scope of Recognition as an IAAC MLA signatory has been expanded to include accreditation of proficiency testing providers and reference material producers. 03/10/2017
R241 – Specific Requirements – STAC Accreditation Program Requirements (ASTM D7036) 03/10/2017
A308 - Assessor Application and Information Questionnaire (Word) 03/07/2017