American Association for Laboratory Accreditation

Accreditation Process Summary

  1. The applicant obtains all necessary A2LA application forms, A2LA requirements and policy documents from the web site or directly from A2LA.
  2. The applicant obtains an official copy of the applicable ISO standard.
  3. The applicant provides A2LA with faxed confirmation (see the application for details) that a valid copy of the applicable ISO standard has been obtained. A2LA then provides the relevant Assessor Checklist to the applicant.
  4. The applicant completes and returns the application for accreditation, all required supporting documentation, and payment.
  5. A2LA reviews the application documents and an appropriate assessor(s) is assigned, with the applicant's concurrence.
  6. The assessor contacts the applicant to discuss the scheduling of the on-site assessment and request the quality documentation. Once documentation is reviewed for completeness, the assessment can be scheduled with the assessor(s).
  7. The assessment or the pre-assessment is performed and includes: entry briefing; review of quality documentation, records, sample handling; interviews with technicians; demonstrations of tests/calibrations/etc.; examination of equipment and calibration records; written report of assessor's findings; and exit briefing.
  8. The applicant responds to any deficiencies with a written corrective action response
  9. The corrective action is reviewed by the A2LA staff and once complete, is forwarded to the Accreditation Council for a vote.
  10. Accreditation is granted when affirmative votes are received, all concerns are resolved, and all fees are paid in full.